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Scratch-Off Card Gamification Software

New! Virtual “Scratch-Off Card” Games Generator for business.

Make your own custom virtual scratch-off cards online to create scratch-off coupons, free-with-purchase offers, dollars-off discounts, giveaway prizes, and all other mobile marketing sales promotions you can dream up.

Learn more at, the Virtual Scratch-Off Cards Generator.

New! Virtual "Scratch-Off Card" Games Generator for business.

Virtual Scratch-off Cards Gamification Software for business.

  • Unlimited scratch-off cards for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Plays for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Players for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Prizes for each campaign

How it works

First, set up a campaign.
Create a campaign in the admin panel. Each campaign hosts as many scratch-off cards and prizes you set it to. And each campaign has its unique URL and QR Code to play the game.

Next, promote your campaigns’ unique URL and QR Code to customers to play.
Customers play your game by either clicking the unique URL or by scanning the unique QR code you provide them.

Post the unique URL on your website, text messages, e-newsletters, emails, banner ads, and social media.

Display the unique QR Code on in-store signage, displays, shelf-talkers, tags, exterior windows, website pages, text messaging, banner ads, newsletters, emails, social media, and CCTV.

Who should use virtual scratch-off cards?

Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Games Generator is an ideal solution for anyone looking to deploy and manage scratch-off games themselves.

It is excellent for retailers, restaurants, service businesses, and anyone who is a natural promoter and realizes its potential beyond coupons.

Priiize Scratch-offs are used for promotions at sports events, selling subscriptions, closing a deal on the spot,  fundraising, luring buyers to trade show booths, corporate internal recognition programs, and dealer incentive campaigns.

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